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Temples in Shambles

  • What is the condition ?
  • We have technology electricity, fuel & money. With all that can we construct even one temple like our ancestors did ?
  • How do we maintain them ?
  • What is our contribution ?

Ponder over ! Let us ACT at least NOW !

The way / path to do this sacred mission and as an act of gratitude to our unselfish ancestors is to preserve & maintain these marvels. The means and the name of the organisation to do this is Temple Example, promoted by Temple ExNoRa to in association with the Temple Management and Bhaktas.

There are several thousands of temples which are in dilapidated condition and started crumbling.

Instead of constructing new temples, the concentration should be on protecting and maintaining the ancient temples . That will be the important mission of Temple ExNoRa

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to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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