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What, how & where to begin ?

  • Find one more person and as a PAIR start your TEMPLE ExNoRa for one TEMPLE
  • Copy TEMPLE ExNoRa PPT and start making presentation to “one to one”, “One to Many” & “One to hundreds”
  • You can make this PPT presentation directly to temple devotees, students , office staff, service clubs etc & you will get hundreds of volunteers and members.
  • You can share the PPT / PPT web-links through e mail / social media including Facebook & WhatsApp

Activity will include the street and the locality of the temple. 10 stake holders. Companion clubs Which Temple you GO? Ask him to start or at least Initiate. They will make their area too a model

The one small but important tool that those who want to volunteer should do is to get / buy one pen-drive and copy this presentation and keep making this presentation anywhere and everywhere.

The first and the best place is making / keep making this PPT Presentation in the TEMPLE itself. The place and the audience (devotees)are readily available. This will help you to have members and a team. Meet Temple Patrons as Advisers

Read the book for more Information


to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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