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Temple Bubble

Say NO TEMPLES on the FOOTPATH and on the MIDDLE of the ROAD, obstructing traffic , causing accidents and inside CANAL obstructing water flow.

that comes like a BUBBLE
will make people GRUMBLE
create TROUBLE
burst like a BUBBLE
and will become RUBBLE

Temples are considered sacred.

That is why our ancestors constructed temples in Gardens and on the hill tops. Now people either busy or lazy and have no time to go to temple. To cater to their needs FOOTPATHs temples mushroom.

Temples on the footpath and on the middle of the road cause

  • 1. Traffic Jams
  • 2. Road Accidents
  • 3. Risk and inconvenience to pedestrians
  • 4. Air Pollution
  • 5. Noise Pollution
  • 6. Waste of Fuel
  • 7. Loss of time of to road-users

Why POEPLE patronise care of platform TEMPLES

  • 1. Convenience
  • 2. Laziness to go to temples.
  • 3. Non-availability of time to go to temple.
  • 4. Worship becoming a routine and not sincere.
  • 5. Footpath temples won’t be overcrowded and there will be flow of worshipers.


Can you hurt your eye with your fingers?

Temples constructed in canals obstruct water flow and are responsible for FLOODING as well as Mosquito breeding. Flooding causes loss of lives and properties . Don’t offer your worship there. You are actually patronising an unauthorised structure which creates problems to you and fellow citizens.

Read the book for more Information


to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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