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Most Revered Arul Sri Sakthi Amma

The entire Credit goes to Arul Sakthi Amma Sri Narayani Peedam, Sripuram for Vision, Knowledge & Drive & Vellore SAKTHIe Amma ExNoRa

How it all started ?

With the swelling of pilgrims into thousands per day, the waste generated also became huge.

Sri Sakthi Amma also was kind to come with the offer of collection of waste from the nearby villages.

The Sripuram – Spiritual Park is Amma’s dedication to the World and all of Mankind.

Sripuram spreads over 60 acres of land planted with a large variety of trees, breathtaking Landscape, Fountains, Eco-pond, Cascade Pathways in the shape of the Sri Chakra, lined with Scriptures from various religions of the world.

At the very centre of the Sri Chakra pathway stands a Majestic Temple. This spiritual path is meant to foster greater reverence towards other religions.

The temple is a paradise of sorts, where tranquility, greenery and peace reign supreme.

An attractive-looking terracotta-tiled ceiling over the 1.5 km long star-shaped foot path leading to the temple provides for the entry of ample natural light and wind.

The 12 Best Eco - Practices of Vellore Golden Temple

  • 01. SoSoWaM - Source Solid Waste Management
  • 02. SoLiWaM - Source Liquid Waste Management
  • 03. SoGaWaM - Source Gas Waste Management
  • 04. SoRaWaHa - Source Rain Water Harvesting
  • 05. Using Natural Light (Sky Light) & Wind
  • 06. Tree Planting
  • 07. Campus ,Social & Hill Afforestation
  • 08. Horticulture
  • 09. Herbal Garden
  • 10. Landscaping
  • 11. Pond Rain Water Harvesting
  • 12. Eco-park

The Collector opens the 3rs Zero Waste Management Centre in the presence of Sakthi Amma & ExNoRa Founder Exn M B Nirmal (at the extreme right )

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to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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