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Funds Endless for
ExNoRa Innovators Club & Its HEARTS UNION

The cost of rent / maintenance which is virtually zero / sponsored / earned easily.
The easiest way is the income through conducting Training Programmes.

Train whom ?


  • 01. Elected Representatives
  • 02. Government Staff
  • 03. Corporate Organisations
  • 04. Traders & Businesses
  • 05. Residents Welfare Associations
  • 06. SHGs through Government Sponsorship
  • 07. Local Body Staff
  • 08. NGOs / CBOs
  • 09. Service Clubs
  • 10. Trade Unions
  • 11. Educational Institutions & Interns
  • 12. Residents
  • 13. Builders
  • 14. Layout Developers

Training Topics

  • Safety
  • Hygiene
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Training to become hyper creative
  • Jeevan Shastra for LIVING as HUMAN BEING
  • Manushya Shastra for Being HUMAN BEING
  • Maa Mother Everywhere
  • Paa Father Firmer
  • Get nominated as Vocational Trainer by Ministry of Skill Development and Enterprise and do skill development
  • CONDUCTING regularly PROFESSIONAL SEMINARS & CONFERENCES on the wide range of subjects covered by ExNoRa for those who join, paying registration fees
  • Another good WAY for raising funds is PROVIDING PAID CONSULTANCY to those who need it. But the main aim should be service and the income should be incidental

Companion ExNoRa Club THE GENESES

  • People for employment leave their place of birth which gave them everything to outstation within their nation & abroad.
  • They always feel & long that their native place should become better & be one like the outstation city that they have chosen to migrate.
  • Here is an excellent opportunity for them and those who have also from same place migrated to any same place outside to combine as “Companion ExNoRa Club” in their place of migration and make their native place the best by sending their ideas & money to the ExNoRa Innovators Club (Parent Club) in their Native place.
  • If there is no “Companion ExNoRa Club” in their native place , they can first form the “Companion ExNoRa Club” & the so formed “Companion ExNoRa Club” can from outstation form ExNoRa innovators Club in their native place

Start in your Nation & abroad in other cities from &
Out of your college alumni residing there ExNoRa Companion Club

  • Here is an easy way to get support for your Student ExNoRa innovators Club.
  • You can start Companion Clubs for your Student ExNoRa innovators Club abroad from and out of your college alumni who must be there in other cities throughout your Nation and abroad.
  • For example St Joseph College Student ExNoRa Innovators Club Trichy can start Companion Student ExNoRa in other towns both within the Nation and abroad.
  • The members of Student ExNoRa Companion Club can help providing guidance on *Safety *Hygiene *Environment *Community Service
  • They can give guidance on education
  • They can even give fund your projects
  • You can start your College Alumni ExNoRa locally and get their support too


Make yours a licensed Satellite Organisation (Satellite ExNoRa)of
ExNoRaInnovators International the Parent Organisation


Read the book for more Information


to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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