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TEMPLE ExNoRa Coordinated by its Joint Secretary

Clean home / street / village / town will be participated by

  • The TREASURER must deposit all his / her ExNoRa funds in a bank named by the ExNoRa Board and that all bills be promptly paid by cheques signed by the TREASURER after two officers have verified in writing that the transactions are legitimate.
  • Also, a thorough audit of all financial transactions should be made annually by a Chartered Accountant are any other qualified person.
  • Statement of the accounts are to be submitted to the Registrar of Societies within 30 days from the end of each financial year (Before 30th April).
  • Copies of the accounts are to be sent to the District ExNoRa and ExNoRa Innovators International.
  • In addition to the above specific duties, budgetary expenses are often within the scope of the interests of TEMPLE ExNoRa
  • The primary duty of the TREASURER in relation to ExNoRa finances, is to collect subscriptions from all the members and raise funds through donations, subscriptions, advertisements, etc. The TREASURER always gives a receipt immediately for money received, to the members.
  • Funds are Oxygen for any organisation and it is the Financial Controller who provides the Oxygen.

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