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TRAVEL is concept is a MUST everyone who goes out of their HOME.
Almost Travel precautions are important to everyone except those who are bedridden

When you go out, go prepared to remain unbitten by Mosquitoes.
Carry MOS-KIT with you

Why "T" in "prevenT" ?
"T" stands for "Travel"."

MUSTQUITO is one issue that cannot be restricted to your place of stay / work,
but also your travel and stay outside, as MOSQUITOES are there everywhere.
There are umpteen incidents when people who enjoyed mosquito-protected environment,
succumbed to mosquito-bite either during their travel or the place where they went and stayed

There are hundreds who have mosquito protection in their home, office and even car,
but were affected when they went out due to MOSQUITO BITE

It is better that they know something about the place of
their visit whether it is MOSQUITO-PROOF or MOSQUITO-PRONE AREA

Take guidance and guard themselves by taking repellents with them (spray or cream)

Carry with you MOS-KIT

MOS-KIT Bag. Stuff inside the repellents you use & take it with you like.
For a short duration these are okay


Read the book for more Information


to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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