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pet as ac light


Summers in Bangladesh get a lot hotter than in many other undeveloped countries for quite a number of reasons, and it sometimes gets so completely sweltering that the whole country seems to go on pause every time a heat wave strikes. Luckily, it seems there might now be a permanent solution.

In rural Bangladesh, most homes are constructed out of tin huts, which can lead to temperatures occasionally exceeding 115°F (46°C). That's why this crafty inventor, Grey Dhaka, made it his primary goal to develop an effective solution for dealing with the summer heat.

By using recycled plastic bottles and a piece of cardboard covered in equidistant holes, Dhaka managed to create an 'Eco-Cooler' which he says can cool down the summer air. This is because the bottles compress the air in a similar way that your mouth does when pursing your lips.

So far, the Eco-Cooler has been taken to villages in Daulatdia, Nilphamari, Paturia, Khaleya, and Modonhati. Incredibly, it even works in areas that don't have electrical systems installed. In fact, one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity is because it's created with materials that are usually easily accessible or even readily available.

So, where will the Eco-Cooler end up next? Only time will tell!

Is there an excellent reuse for Pet Bottles?

Yes, Pet Bottles can become PET of the poor. You can fix water filled pet bottles on the roof of the thatches & sheds. There will be wonder lighting in the daytime better than electric bulbs.

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