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Frequently Asked Questions

What made plastics to become part of human's life ?

It is easy to advertise by printing the sellers' name and contact details.

It is less expensive, reasonably strong & attractive.

It is reusable again as shopping bag, trash bag, diaper, to grow saplings.

What is PLANETIC ?

Our PLANET is caught in a NET called PLASTIC due to HUMANS' WRONG-PLAN or NO-PLAN. PLANET is now in a PLANED-NET. HUMANS PLANNED to get caught in a PLASTIC-NET and made the planet as PLANETIC.


When you practise individually and collectively as a SOCIETY as well as an INSTITUTION PLASTIC PRACTIC via P3 by M3, you will happily end in ZERO PLASTIC POLLUTION.It has happened and it is happening. Now it is your turn. Just begin. You will see the result in a very short period.

What is P3 by M3 HABIT ?

Plastic, Pollution, Prevention (P3) by Minimum Use, Maximum Reuse & Recycle Must Safe Disposal (M3) of PLASTICS for PLASTIC "FROM PATHETIC TO FANTASTIC"

How to join ExNoRa International ?

ExNoRa International gives you the following two OPTIONS to initiate MUSTQUITO in your PLACE.