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What Mother Earth gives us !
What we give her back !!

Mother Earth Salute by ExNoRa

MOTHER EARTH, We thank you & Salute you.

You give us OXYGEN, but we give you CARBON DIOXIDE.
You give us FOOD, but we give you GARBAGE.
You give us WATER, but we give you SEWAGE.
You give us RAIN, but we give you ACID RAIN.
You give us FORESTS, but we give you CONCRETE JUNGLES.
You give us JEWELS, but we BOMBARD & DISFIGURE you.

We understood that we are not there without you. On this day we swear and take ExNoRa’s Mother Earth Salute & PLEDGE, to save you in order to save ourselves. We will reduce our carbon footprints by using ExNoRa Magic Log Book . We undertake to spread this message with Missionary Zeal to everyone everywhere at all times.


In all the gatherings offer & guide people ExNoRa’s MOTHER EARTH SALUTE.
You have to administer the salute, giving pause between each stanza so that the members of the audience are able to grasp and repeat the same .
Hold your hands as if you are holding Mother Earth in your hand, with your eyes showing kindness to Mother Earth & the audience will do the same.


Any meeting you attend, you MUST also GUIDE the people there to offer ExNoRa's SIBLING SALUTE

Read the book for more Information


to you by Exn Dr M.B.NIRMAL

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